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Morpheus Dreaming……… (the drift discourse)

Harrie Harrison

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  1. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    14 July ·

    Prime Minister says Armed Forces must adapt to deal with “unseen enemies” and that spending on “intelligence and surveillance” equipment, such as drones, is a “national necessity”

    This is £1.1 Billion earth pounds…………………………….. ahem(cough)

    The erm good news is this money is coming from austerity money in the coffers…. now you all know the wearyingly predictable line I would type here -banging on about mental health day centres, elderly care services,learning disabled care services,sure start centres,libraries,street lighting,bin collections,lollipop ladies and gentlemen and uncle tom cobbly and his welfare state and bastard all the others you could type here………………
    (insert chosen service here because I can no longer be bothered- there are too too too many)

    I have found this particular piece of news totaly depressing and deeply saddening and frankly I am sick of this nonsense -but I mean really really sick of all this- what’s to be done- I do not know aside from more equability and more civilised behaviour towards vulnerable people as that is what we pay some of our taxes and national insurance for. I do know this country is not great britain and I feel no patriotism and haven’t done for a very long time…

    We can provide money for the so called ‘military industrial complex’ (because this makes much money) to assist new and exciting ways to snoop and main and kill and (think about this bit if nothing else) a small street agency for social inclusion amongst Asian women in say Wakefield gets shut down through removal of grant funding and there is the essential truth-killing people is more profitable than supporting people. I know which one is more ‘effective’ as well but sociopathic government ministers dont care about you -and they dont care about you very very deeply (Chis Grayling MP likes smacking his own children let me remind you) so do not trust people in power over you and make people you know stop sleepwalking in mooing mooing bovine tell-O-vision detachment

    I wish this party would finish so we can all go home now-
    (I am sick of drinking used cigarette butts in tins of warm lager….)

  2. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    12 July ·

    Nigel Weemes…………………………………………………………………………………. how I despise you still from a distance of years-
    everyone else good morning X

  3. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    5 July ·

    Night Sky Adventures- HH

    as is lying on the summer rooftop of my mummy and daddys bungalow at night in my pajamas under a cloudless star filled sky at 9 years old at an angle of 45 degrees with the warmth of the summer day rooftop making me chilled and allowing me to travel into the universe for ever-

    and my head was blown and in love for ever with infinity

    (till my next door neighbour discovered mad boy on the roof and said ‘what are you doing’ – too late – I had recieved months of the largest shooting stars education ever)

  4. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    5 July ·

    the calm bliss following fresh early morning dawns when the world was new and the air felt hyper sweet-this after the sonic and visual assault of the night before…. oh the look back buzz is bittersweet xxxxxxx

    (the look back buzz in any context is always bittersweet and layered yearning beautiful- especialy when souls have previously touched X)-(AH- well back to the world of aristotelianism tomorrow but with plato and bukowski and love to protect me) X

  5. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    30 June ·

    Eliza Robertson and Charlotte Sharpe…. 18th C lovers – ‘dressing as men’ and living in this area of Blackheath in that London….. amazing story. Xx

    and I would have loved to know them both-indeed my 18th C self does know them and finds them charming and vivacious company X

  6. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    28 June ·

    What a goal………………………………………………………………………………………. serious Xxxx
    wow !!!!

  7. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    William Blake

    “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough”


  8. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    8 June ·

    Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual Be an Individual…….. Collectively x

  9. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    11 May ·

    ADVERTS all the time all the time all the time on farcebook….. making it tedious in the extreme and is a predictable reaction to stock market shareholder greed (make money make money work harder at make money….)- it was always going to be thus when farcebook floated on the amerikan stock market and I am not sure if any others have yet noticed the proliferation of vacuous advertising all above hill and down dale(and to the right of this typewritten sentence) of this former purely social media with fun potential minus give us your money demands- does anyone have any ideas regarding blocking this new development aside from hitting the screen hard with a hammer or going for a walk for a few years …………………………………
    and this brothers and sisters is the future of oh everything in all conceivable areas of human life –
    till the adverts are finally screened direct onto our glazed numbed and throbbing retinas following surgical implantation of micro chips and the faustian pact means we hand over money for wafer thin screen time distracto pleasure(and all other sundries and mundries)
    I now spend most of my time on farcebook (when I venture to look) hiding adverts and blocking adverts and I wonder if it is possible to get to the bottom of the huge metaphorical barrel where ‘no more adverts to be displayed’ lies deep and crisp and even….with no flashing lights or moving images or giraffes (next to ‘you have reached the end of the internet-go back’)

    Luckily for me I have a secret life on another social media in another country where I am not ill and adverts do not irk me and cause me deep ire mainly because I don’t understand the language but that is akhululayo kakhulu futhi fucking kumnandi …
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  10. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    5 April ·

    ‘The major colour assigned to the Soma (1) and to the Bull (2) (an epithet for the Soma) is ‘Hari’ (Harrie?!!!) or red’ (3)

    Some theories as to the origin of religions on earth is strongly connected(if you know where to look) to the use of entheogenic drugs and altered perceptions. The above just a tiny example

    (1) the unknown plant mentioned in all early religions- thought to be the substance that gave a more personal direct relationship between humans and their gods/goddeses -removed by patriachal dominator religions. Thought to either be hallucinogenic mushrooms and/or cannabis.
    (2) Also a reference to the Mithraic Mysteries I suspect- the sacrifice of the bull being one of the central tenets of this ur religion.Sacrifice equals blood (red)
    (3) Fly Agaric mushroom- showing ‘red’ colour – hallucinogenic and naturally occuring all over the planet-Possible ‘Soma’?. (see also Peyote Cult- South America and mushroom images found on religious artifacts)

    My saturday morning reading and makes me happy Xxx

    (new medication makes me headachey and dizzy so nice distraction)
    (No one will bother with this post- well one person will actually)
    (not bothered to be truthful)
    (but these things are important to understand how oral and sometimes written histories/narratives become distorted by the passage of time and by the ‘winners’ in civilization changes who then suppress previous ideologies according to their future needs -which incidently is happening right now-The Tower of Destruction awaits- oil is running out)
    (Oil is the product that makes plastic- think about this)


  11. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    disco ball goddess

    17 July ·

    The mirrorball is an ornamental staple in many concert spaces and is a symbol of
    pure potential. With its aesthetic achievement of total reciprocity between subject
    and environment, it is thus the closest the Now Age comes to accessing a deity.

    The subject of its form is wholly dependent on its reflection of the environment
    as it unfolds at that moment, in real time. Thus it is and always will be in service
    of the Now World. It can illuminate the darkest of rooms, but contains no light
    of its own. The possibilities for space to reflect are infinite, and yet its form is
    finite. It sees all, but does not seek to interfere, only reflect light into the void it is
    suspended in-the Now Age Panopticon.

    Prince Rama
    (a very groovy band that I think are a rather good popular beat combo

    I have a disco ball – marvelous- goddess disco ball !
    (and why not actually-they are ace items that every single home needs)

  12. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    12 July ·

    Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

    Ian Davidson, a former member of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), told The Independent: “I’m astonished that the Government should find time to seek to cover up royal finances. When I was on the PAC what we wanted was more disclosure not less.

    “Every time we examined royal finances we found extravagance and indulgence as well as abuse of expenses by junior royals.

    “Everywhere we looked, there were savings to be made for the Government. This sends the wrong message about public disclosure and accountability.”

    Your taxes paid for THIS HAT…. and every sodding private detective sitting outside China Whites nightclub waiting for junior royals to finish getting pissed and braying and every single red rope to be unclipped aside to let junior royals into whatever they fancy and all the tickets to wimblebore or anything to make your life as a junior royal even more luxurious than it already is- ‘I fancy a Chocopologie Truffle-make it mine now’
    and you wont know anything about this use of YOUR money

  13. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    18 June ·

    This…. this this thisy this is how I want the future to look……………. cocktails on Mars ‘neath glass domes and proper rockets and (presumably) mad scientists but mad about purple liquid in a flask and getting off with glamorous assistants Xxx
    Me and Goat Jesus wish this wish for us all X

  14. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    16 May ·

    Hah……. nothing stops seeing the mighty Fall (even serious health worries) …. double drum sonic attack, fight in the mosh pit at the front(band carried on) to my left and a cathedral absolutely rammed with all ages….. Oh and I met Marks sister-Suzanne -seriously- (who was pissed and wanted to take me to meet her brother or to her house in Salford- wasn’t sure which !!!!) just before they came on stage-I declined(never meet your heroes)(didnt think Mark would be too interested before leading his band into battle) and all fall forums agree the best ever Fall gig for 10 years (home city good show required-hallowed surroundings) -chaos teetering on the edge of collapse and a double drum attack again…………… better than bloody beta blockers Xxxxxxx

  15. harrie harrison
    December 12, 2014

    24 March ·

    Iain Nairn… one of my heroes-Angry untrained architecture critic who railed against small teeny tiny ‘Nigel Weemes’ urban planners who destroy towns villages and countryside with their petty minded over signage rules on top of rules and yellow lines and 39 different types of concrete lamposts and when the end of Southampton looks no different to the begining of Carlisle…. (and he was right as well).
    This man died an alcoholic- probably due to the inability to continue the fight over years but was a genius and the book on the left was an angry railing polemic produced when he was in his early 20s. He kicked the door in on the architectural establishment and the book was the result. The book also has an amazing car journey photographed (in black and white) from one end of the country to the other in shit ugly depressing images – deliberately.
    Because he cared about our living spaces …

    (yes I own the book circa 1956 -and the follow up-and it is genius both with its punk attitude and genius typography- Look at the cover and see what it reminds you of… note the clever ‘Outrage’ typeface etc)

    Highly recommended even on youtube for clips of him talking about architecture and drivng his Morris Minor and all filming to be finished before the pubs opened otherwise he became ‘tired and emotional’

  16. harrie harrison
    December 19, 2014

    Annie Williams likes Conservatives
    (Annie Williams is a fucking social worker and she ought to hang her bastard head in shame)

  17. harrie harrison
    December 20, 2014

    31 mins ·

    solstice wolves howling
    snow drifting by lake
    frost wracked numbness
    moon bright breath
    catches sharp lungs
    catches winter lives

    (Beltane Fires)

    • Sarah
      January 1, 2015

      Beautiful x

  18. harrie harrison
    December 21, 2014

    In a private Inbox Reply

    ‘-I very very very much appreciate you saying to come round yours as sometimes I dont feel I have anywhere to go(I could pop round to old friends of mine but they are drinkers or bloody junkies and I cant be arsed with either being tempted to getting wrecked or being bored whilst I dont and they do and talk shit for hours etc hahaha-not dissimilar to suzanne going on and on and on about statins or simon or worse statins and simon talking to me about statins idea that I just thought oh fuck she is going to get excited by this ‘dead good idea’ in her head and I will have to listen to why this is a dead good idea for oh 3 hours now and this will become my life) etc………….. these are the thoughts I have to myself when I am with people Nerys and nobody knows the cross I have to bear hahahahaha-cept you !!!!!!! dont worry-I write all this stuff down on my blog not the least so katie will know just how hilarious her daddy really is/was(tiswas)

    • Carol Henshaw
      December 21, 2014

      You are always welcome with us H.

      Carol xxxxx


    • Sarah
      January 1, 2015

      There is always a safe place for you here Harrie, teabags permitting obviously!

  19. harrie harrison
    December 23, 2014

    .. It is much much much worse out there than members of the public would ever realise for vulnerable non profit making units-benefits being slashed or done away with-increase in homelesness(massively)-increase in benefit sanctions to bring down the figurs etcetcetc.

    Arbeit macht frei (work makes (you) free) is the message above the gates leading into a number of Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz…

    I am seriously telling you now that the disgusting loathsome tories would bring these back if they could get away with it- they could reduce the non profitable units and warehouse them all together and starve them all to death (thus bringing about a massive saving that would obviously sort out the debt in one fell swipe of an ATOS pen)

    We are one step away from workhouses and all of us in employment are 3 steps away from ending up having to deal with this benefits food bills housing scenrio for ourselves and I am most definately not joking.

    People come up to me and say ‘oh we really like your rants on farcebook H’ and that is perfectly lovely and appreciated very much- (and people who know me in the real world know that the verbal version can get even more extreme- ‘Choose which side you want to be on’- ‘Pick your battles wisely’- ‘The National Assistance Act 1948′- Be creamy spies always’ etcetc -till death !)- It means to an extent I am not shouting into a howling gale.

    Please dont believe government black propaganda and complete and utter lies and spin because all the kool and groovy people I know who attempt to make a difference on a daily basis are seeing it first hand and it is becoming harrowing in too many instances.

    This is sort of a post to people who know what is going on from street level and wherever you work live etc and come into direct contact with vulnerable people. You will have the deeply sad knowledge therefore and over ‘Thingie’ please talk to your families children and friends so they also know what is going on beyond the candlelight and the tinsel and the love you will all feel at some point.

    The reason I am angry is simple-injustice and compassion

  20. harrie harrison
    December 23, 2014

    Shop harder !!!!
    Shop harder you bastards
    max out
    one more push and this debt is ours

  21. harrie harrison
    December 28, 2014

    I have The diary of Edward the Hamster on its little way to me as I type this…. the above illustrations are hilarious and with deeper statements regarding the human condition…. A ladybird Kybalion I would suggest… obviously not as funny as the funniest thing in the galaxy-only fools and horses tell-O-vision programme….I cannot tell how much I loathe that ‘comedy classic’ and BOOM another cultural shibboleth comes crashing to the ground… AKA XVI….. bring on the opprobrium once again-must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform must conform -Yawn Xxxxxxxxxx

  22. harrie harrison
    December 28, 2014

    below for ‘the gallery’ and pictures that made me do laughing out loud (but not as much as sitting watching only fools and horses on the tell-O-vision) christ the times I have had to endure that wank round at peoples houses in order to be polite… never ever funny and dont mention the bar incident cause its only what Buster Keaton Harold Lloyd did much much better. Oh Nicholas Lyndhurst or dead funny slightly stupid Rodney… what an absolute bell end lovey he turned out to be in real life on interviews- (interviews I would break my neck lunging across the kitchen to turn over on the wireless!)
    A few dried peas rattling round in a tin…………………………………………….X

  23. harrie harrison
    December 31, 2014

    Carry on…… change happens and numbers change (again) and everything changes and remains the same.

    There is the paradox so best to carry on and resist hot desking and orthodoxy and sloth and ennui and tell-O-vision and poor quality and monotheism and puritanism and salt

    fuck off 2014 and fuck off 2015 and 2016 may be ok so who knows who wins The Race………………..

  24. harrie harrison
    January 3, 2015

    ‘ Gone down to the bus station to look at buses for something to do’ !

  25. harrie harrison
    January 3, 2015

    26 December 2014 at 23:42 ·

    Dreams within The Garden of Eden (which kabbalisticaly means bliss!)-A real life Harris tweed waistcoat with the orb of joy in the lining and a very very very beautiful painting that I will own one day (or not)…
    all ways round boxing day is deeply better than fake halloween – royal wedding nonsense – life lived on couches -life lived with health worries-chris grayling as your daddy as he beats you(again)- managers- no books in a house- aristotle- overbites-fuck all imagination… etc etc etc oh wearingly wearingly

    winterval good evening friday facebook fuckers

  26. harrie harrison
    January 3, 2015

    29 November 2014 ·

    Just one of the most beautiful articles about the genius of William Blake I have ever read- thank you AD (who is blowing my mind in stages)-I sat and read this and read it again-

    Willian Blake and the Occult visions destroy the rationalist robots-

    ‘May God uskeep
    From Single vision and Newtons-sleep!’

  27. harrie harrison
    January 3, 2015

    New years honours………… well there is a load of establishment bollox . Mostly given to ministers and civil servants who keep their collective mouths shut and toe party lines for 25 plus years or scientists who invent something fabulous to do with whelks that may bring money into the country or super rich business persons who donate vast sums of earth pounds to various political parties.

    Do not be fooled by actors and sportspersons offered honours for they are the fripperies around the edges in order to keep you distracted from the main game which is the establishment feeding itself and kissing itself passionately with tongues.

    And the ubiquitous lollypop lady or gentleman who has served the community for 700 years in all weathers … these are the sort of honours I think I appreciate the most and yet- these are the most tokenistic and the most patronising and probably the most sneered at and awarded whilst the queen goes for a piss or snacks on some patagonian blue truffle essence with a light garnish of dragons ears sauce-probably

  28. harrie harrison
    January 3, 2015

    30 December 2014 at 22:12 ·

    Reflexive sacrifice is a complete path. Each sense activity offers its seed to the womb of each sense field in the intangible moment of perception.
    David Chaim Smith

    The above is my christmas present to myself- this beautiful etched glass star dates back to Arts and Crafts period (approx 1900) and is one of the most exquisite objects I have ever seen-completely takes my breath away …
    the crimson blood colour is of deepest yet delicate and ethereal hue (and if you know colour theory hue refers to a pure colour that is processed in the brain in deeper areas).

    Bliss time is mine

  29. harrie harrison
    January 7, 2015

    Someone (well this woman) has written the below comments on her social media site- This is how terrorists ruin her mini break and how inconvenient of terrorists to murder 12 people and injure others- Note the afterthought – ‘oh yeah better say this line’….

    Caroline Halford
    2 hrs · Duddon · Edited ·

    ‘Super. The day before I go to Paris and this horrible terrorist attack happens. Not stressful at all. What a terrible tragedy’.

    • Neurotic Jew
      January 8, 2015

      Pond life. Je suis Charlie xx

  30. harrie harrison
    January 7, 2015

    Je suis Charlie…………………………

  31. harrie harrison
    January 10, 2015

    The 2nd circle of hell –

    the deeply revolting stressful tyranny of emails-the world where fucktards absolve responsibility by sending you an email and it’s on you then (email tag) and the only thing some people do every single day sitting in offices is the circularity of exchanges or developing spread sheets or forms(that are never ‘formatted’ so cause more stress) about forms or emails about sorting a date to arrange for a meeting or other peoples email threads about fucking vasco tokens that go on for pages or emails advising there is a problem with a fax machine in Carlisle or an email advising that the weather is not brilliant outside or an email advising some nursing home in Ulan Bator has been closed for a toilet to be unblocked or an email saying in the title FYA or an email containing the latest copy of the in house Pravda tractor production is up magazine or an email ammending the last rota that was sent out the day before or an email from some woman who had broken up with her husband and in a sobbing emotional electronically tear stained load of bollocks sent every single person across the whole of the health trust and the whole of SSD to advise that she and Nigel weemes had split up and was henceforth going to revert back to her maiden name of bellend (totally true story)

  32. harrie harrison
    January 13, 2015

    Thats the standard technique of privatization-
    make sure things don’t work-
    people get angry-
    you hand it over to private capital

    Noam Chomsky

  33. harrie harrison
    January 17, 2015

    Crisis Loans
    Now given to Local Authorities to arrange for vulnerable people
    yeah and if you go to the LA (which is what will happen) the system is so clunky and bureaucratic you will be driven to the point of despair…. but not quite as much as the poor sod you are trying to help- most definately not (and tobacco not included in food parcels!) and then the job is given over to volunteers who cant drive and have to do a good job getting someone to deliver and 3 days later the parcel turns up-and this is not any exaggeration….. by which time person you are trying to help has got so fed up and so hungry they go and hock her mothers gold wedding rings ……………………….. bring back fucking crisis loans tory bastards -but you wont will you ! Xx

  34. jewlip
    January 18, 2015

    A truly unbelieveable state of affairs, hitting the most vulnerable in this dystopian tory nightmare.

  35. harrie harrison
    February 1, 2015

    Backpack Saga

    Please could you send a replacement rucksack as my daughters one has ripped on the top handle.
    Many thanks
    Harrie Harrison

    Dear Harrie Harrison,
    Thank you for your images and we are sorry to hear the problem.
    We would like to reship a replacement for you, but unfortunately, our shipping department told us this kind of backpack were out of stock for some days. We reflect this matter to ourp purchasing department, they said due to the China’s new year is coming, Our company is clearing inventory of all items. And this backpack will not be restock.
    Harrie Harrison, Sincerely sorry for this matter. We are willing to give you a discount for this order. Could you please find some one who can fix it?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    DACHMA Customer service team

    Thank you for the email
    Unfortunately the bag is not repairable and frankly I do not have the time to be trying to find someone who can ‘sow’ the backpack (remember we have only had this a few weeks and is a little ridiculous that it should rip like this-my daughter was not carrying paving slabs around-only some school books!). Can you just resend us a new backpack please and in the colour Black would be very much appreciated
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Harrie Harrison

    hi Harrie Harrison
    what kind color you want ,could we choose any color in stock ?
    regards !

    Could we have a Black bag please…..
    If not any dark colour would be lovely
    Thank you

    Dear Harrie harrison
    We are sorry that this product are out of stock, here is another kind of black bag B00NFDUGCQ you may interested in . To the first order , we can give you some discount, and you need to place a new order which mean you just need to pay £12 again. how do you think?
    Best regards

    Hi April
    thank you for the email- I tell you what might be a better idea- Can you send us a replacement of the original style backpack in a darker colour and if a darker colour is not availiable I am sure another colour of your choice would suffice- It would be really lovely if we could get this sorted before she finishes school and goes to university….
    she is currently 12 years old
    best regards

    hi Harrie Harrison,
    We are sorry to say that we can’t do that. according to the rules of our company, we are not allowed to send another kind of different bag to you as the replacement ,and they are also of different prices, if I do that, I must pay by my pocket. our order is in strictly check before shipping. so if you want a new one ,you need to place a new order,and we give you some discounts.Or if you still don’t accept , we can refund half of the money to you.what do you think?
    thanks for your understanding.
    Best regards,

    So let me get this correct-If a company sends something (for instance a backpack) then the rules where you live in your country mean by law you are not allowed to send a replacement when the item(for instance a backpack) breaks because my daughter puts a pencil case and a few small school books into it and a month os so after receiving it the handle rips. Was this a decorative backpack never intended to be used for carrying anything over say the size of a small scared hamster?. Why can’t you just send my daughter a same make and model item(for instance a backpack) in whatever colour you choose and we can conclude this epic saga and make my daughter slightly happier in her day to day life. If you have children you will appreciate how important certain items(for instance a backpack) can be and currently my daughter is having to drag her backpack around on the end of a piece of strong string(in a brown colour so it does match) but it is proving difficult when she is moving around the school between lessons as other students keep either treading on her backpack(for instance a backpack) or even more terrifying she was the cause of a pileup in the corrider leading to her mathematics class the other day. One pupil tripped over the string leading to quite a chaotic few minutes with bodies everywhere and some sprained ankles with one pupil having to seek medical assistance from the under school nurse. In fact this incident nearly featured in a local news report on North West Tonight but I was informed it had been ‘dropped’ to feature an item on a dog that walks around his owners home wearing wellington boots(or something )
    Please please please can I have a same price different colour item(backpack?) without my having to send some half amount of money or reordering something else entirely or give me my most money back (not half)(how would you feel about 7/8ths refund?)
    Yours very very tired

  36. jewlip
    February 2, 2015

    Too funny and exasperating in equal measures for words. Marvellous Harrie xx

  37. harrie harrison
    February 4, 2015

    25 December 2008

    open empty roads at night with loud music and a reliable car full of petrol and an amnesty for everything youve ever done thats not so kool and your protected on the road by a rubber tyre stretched round your car like on the dodgems and your wide awake and just cruising for ever and your best boy/girl by your side(delete where applicable) – and they are laughing their heads off at your sense of humour xxx

  38. harrie harrison
    February 4, 2015

    he offered me loads of pharmecuticals- good bloke xxxxxxxx

    • jewlip
      February 5, 2015

      Winning xx

  39. harrie harrison
    February 4, 2015

    8 November 2010

    every child should be bought a blow up globe and every home should have a disco ball- a coda for life- i have 3 blow up globes in the kitchen- one is of the universe !!!!!! xxx

  40. harrie harrison
    February 4, 2015

    21 June 2011 (marc chagall- la guerre)

    because i am stupid i have glanced at marc chagalls art in books and passed on by- saw this in real life recently and had to move away from the painting because this is raw and real- emotion stirring drama in paint – christ mr chagall you have blown my mind forever- this is true art of genius those who see and sorry its a poor poor substitute for the real thing- anyway- am happy to have found an image- back to being stupid again now(flowers for algernon!)
    d’you know what- its amazing how different paintings look in photo form to real life- this looks fairly bright and the reality is jaw dropping in its intensity- her hair is dark red and it mirrors the broiling ball of flames engulfing the earth bottom right(this was painted during ww2)- she is earth(mother?) trying to protect all life from the devastation sweeping the world- he left to go to amerikkka in 43- being a jewish man probably sensible!- he painted the shit that is war then fucked off and i do not blame him- this image is so unlike the real thing am going to leave it up for a while then off it goes- stays in my mind forever tho xxx

  41. harrie harrison
    February 10, 2015

    In my mind all lighthouses around the island are still looked after by crews of lighthouse keepers and they go out with brass and leather covered telescopes on the lighthouse gantry in fog to keep vigil and passing ships blow their sirens when passing…………………………… and we all sleep on safe and secure Xxx

  42. harrie harrison
    February 10, 2015

    George Orwell-Diaries-
    Sept 5th 1938
    ‘Last night much fog- Siren sounding continually’

    How evocative and beautiful

  43. harrie harrison
    February 11, 2015

    Jeremy Hunt-Tory…
    “The message that must go out today is that we are calling time on bullying, intimidation and victimisation, which has no place in our NHS.”

    Yeah !!!! Now walk down the corrider you lying bastard and tell that to Ian Duncan Fucking Smith and have a word with him about what he is doing to vulnerable people- disabled people- carers of vulnerable people- people dying of cancer -people dying of anything full stop- people wanting community care grants-people being thrown off benefits due to minor infractions and DWP in house policy(and killing themselves or having to choose betwwen eating or heating) and stupid DWP fuckers boasting about it on farcebook- carers allowance being slashed-mental health budgets slashed-elderly budgets slashed-drug/alcohol team budgets slashed- childrens service budgets slashed-remploy centres -closed-surestart centres-closed- Lighthouses closed of lighthouse staff and automated(see previous thread)……… yeah-walk down that paliamentary green leather backed wood panelled corrider Hunt and when you find Duncan Smith just punch him hard in the face and then -even better you punch yourself in the face too you lying sack of shit-
    I am so angry and I am so upset and they trust to the fact that no one ever remembers mostly because we are all distracted to death by things-
    Pay us back the tax you have deceived us all out of-
    jail some of your banker mates
    and then fuck off to your eventual ermine slathered life of 250 earth pounds a day expenses and crushed unicorn horns on a bed of larks wings sorbet and wine from Venusian hand picked lowland grapes and try not to really look at yourself in a mirror ever for you are going to live with all the deaths and hardship you have caused in one way austerity britain
    (but you wont care at all really and that is the truely horrific disgusting and venal thing of all)

  44. harrie harrison
    February 14, 2015

    Photons photons photons have no mass……………………………………..
    Packets of energy making the visible world and they have no mass………..
    the best thing and the most exciting thing I have heard in years and I became mind blown at 9.26 on a wednesday morning listening to radio 4-
    not bad huh Xxxxxx

  45. harrie harrison
    February 14, 2015

    Oct 20

    The hurdy gurdy dates back to the 12th century. That will do for me.
    Times weft warps wonderfuly –

  46. harrie harrison
    February 14, 2015

    Sep 27

    I am reading England and The Octopus- Clough William Ellis- 1928
    Ranting against UK architecture Marvelous stuff’
    The precursor to Ian Nairn

  47. harrie harrison
    February 15, 2015

    18 January at 20:26 ·
    (on reading about a homeless hostel opening because of cold temp at night time)

    proper good work here

    Shame no social housing availiable in the first place and dwp bastards causing some of the problems by stopping benefits for weeks and months and people being thrown out of their homes due to subsequent housing benefit linked to dwp benefits being stopped and anti social behaviour (illegal drug use or chosen ‘aberrant’ does not conform behaviour) or mental illness and slipping through support systems cause support systems are too complicated etc etc etc ….. not that tories give a flying fuck how many homeless men and women die underneath canal bridges because it is their(homeless persons) fault in the first place ! The above is genuinely ace and brilliant with the emergency shelter but it is a sticking sodding plaster and shouldn’t have to happen in one of the worlds richest economies !!!!! Xxx

  48. harrie harrison
    February 16, 2015

    there is a whole new layer of people within the workplace who sit in offices just emailing things to each other and sending on to others (which then ruins the recipients day and gives them tasks to do or orders reports to be written and this sets off a sequence of events that causes more and more hassle for the recipient and all other things fall further behind and meanwhile the never ending deluge just keeps on coming). The senders do not know the reaction and the stress it causes the recipients because they are just focussing on their narrowly defined job role which mainly involves sending e mails and they sit in hermeticaly sealed offices and the same thing happens most days of the week. Emails are essentially for people who dont leave offices to give them something to do and whole email trails develop with loads of people joing in and adding in their views or opinions and orders. Then the senders become irritated if replies are not sent and more emails are typed and sometimes attatchments are included with whole PDF books or brochures or worst of all spread sheets and the very very worst is unformatted forms that are impossible to type anything on without specialist knowledge of windows office premier A1 bus number one bus version. Senders of emails absolve themselves of responsibility by sending emails and they buck pass all over the place by dint of the recipients fault if they are not read and they really love being able to put FYA if they are also stressed and rushed(because of the sheer volume of emails they are trying to wade through). Emails are like being permanantly plugged into the mainframe of the matrix but not in a good way at all-that electronic whip cracks ever onward and drives us all into a frenzy of emailing back and forth and with increasing anxiety and unproductivity actually as the volume of never ending emails gets in the way of being able to do any other thing – ever.! Emails are no longer assisting but have become one of the main work place stressors due to sheer volume. The thing about certain jobs is they also contain a great deal of contact with people and this is the main thrust of work for lots of people I know-crises or visits. Meanwhile the idiot yabber of electronic mail continues from organisation to office to individual all the time all the time all the time all the time all the time- all- the – fucking -time …………I managed to get to the bottom(top) of my electronic mail the other day and I reduced the window down whilst I went for a piss and came back and opened the window back and there where (seriously) another 20 emails waiting to be opened. I fairly recently worked on a team where we all had to do monthly statistics regarding oh everything and we did this for about 9 years.When we needed to pull off some statistical information at some point for reports(or to email to everyone!)from the people we had been sending these figures to every month- they couldnt get us this information.! and that is true ……….
    Fucking emails and no I dont know what the answer is but I do know those who work in our game will know the reality of the above (maybe without the swearwords!)…………………………………………………..
    and it all starts again soon-yawn

  49. harrie harrison
    February 21, 2015

    18 hrs ·

    Time of no time is ticking slower forwards
    anticipation does not happen
    fabrics rip gently silken smoothness denier 5 delta 9 zone arrives

  50. harrie harrison
    February 21, 2015

    13 hrs ·

    my favorite time of no time………………………………………………………………….. X

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