He loved Big Brother

'It's all going very well' (1950s B movie scientist voice )

The curvature of space time in my back room …..

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Давайте использовать наши знания и технологии питания, чтобы построить социалистический рай


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The Hermetic Cross


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1984 – The very best book cover version.

The ‘me so sexy me love you long time’ cover. And honestly the more I look and the more I own one of these books/covers the more I appreciate the … Continue reading

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Abiding in the Sanctuary: The Waite-Trinick Tarot

the magician

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Inflatables…………………. x

Open plan living Bungalow, ranch style All of it’s comforts Seem so essential I bought you mail order My plain wrapper baby Your skin is like vinyl The perfect companion … Continue reading

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The Horror(part 23)

social workers on a team bonding away day.

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