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Morpheus Dreaming……… (the drift discourse)

Harrie Harrison

wierd music- doc martens- esotericka- harris tweed- spectacles- antiquarian books- counterculture- 18thC- bass- radio- drugs- books- cricket- deserted islands- dub…………………

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  1. harrie harrison
    February 21, 2015

    14 hrs

    The Dumb of Thoom
    (for Sharron)

    Haha- nope- a friend who had sent some drunken texts and regretted it the second she pressed send with her thumb(as we all have done!)….. and then I realised it probably worked better as a potential title if it was reversed (like we all wish certain texts could be reversed) so it became reversed to ….. The Dumb of Thoom ! Xxxxx

  2. harrie harrison
    February 21, 2015

    Moon over Earth
    book tea drift (4.35am)(ish)
    Deep dark blue dusk with a silver sliver of moon and venus
    worlds of unconcious impulses and love
    ascribed within book(s) and mugs of tea

    (2 photographs of moon/vemus against dusk and 81 Austerities book with tea in a mug)
    (both taken by me this night time of our lives)

    • jewlip
      February 22, 2015

      Ethereal eloquence xx

  3. harrie harrison
    February 22, 2015

    2 hrs ·

    Oh blah blah blah fucking blah alcohol blah blah -no sodding escape from the cheeky couple of bottles of red yawn yawn huge yawn new orthodoxy-
    even on a sunday night heathens!
    thats the orthodoxy of fucktard obviousness and prepare your sofa for lying slumped in a dead fish dull eyed brain numbed presage of death ….while the tell-O-vision lights up your face and the brief flickers of your soul
    jesus H christ do you bore me beyond description with your golf club unfunniness-men who have no personality beyond what they find floating in a glass as dull meets dull across the unliving room
    (and it refers to a friend of someone so no need to get all wired cause those who know me know this) …..better not watch the video below because it features a bong and someone reacting to some drugs in a remarkable way and the POLICE may call-best just lie there dreaming of youth in your somnambulant journey to your own personal abyss
    (restless legs- thats what I never understand-why do people not get restless legs watching tell-O-vision.-crampy itchy too hot restless legs!)

  4. harrie harrison
    March 1, 2015

    My 1950s dream home seamed lifestyle

    22 mins ·

    Right now people are opening their mouths and words are coming out and some may be mentioning Terence stamp-just imagine !

    (unless they are distractedly observing moving images on tell-O-vision in kitchrooms and idiot plastic yellow hammer showtime sucks souls on repeat +1 and my face rubbing ache for a mythical 1950’s technicolor showhome lifestyle continues-with pull out pull down pull up glass fronted formica and seamed stockings with sling back peep toe red lips and nails real ! )

    (Martin Parr started all of this !)

  5. harrie harrison
    March 1, 2015

    14 hrs ·

    Right now people are dancing to pop music in discothèques in big cities all over the world- just imagine ! Xx

  6. harrie harrison
    March 1, 2015

    Just now ·

    Right now people are suffering with diarrhoea and feeling weak unhappy and dehydrated- just imagine !
    (or not)
    And I have to do a load of work related ASW (hah !) portfolio wank and so am only getting one days break from the stress and I cannot think of anything more completely rubbish to have to do on a sunday evening and I am feeling irritated and deeply deeply deeply fed up –
    do not like this post because then you will be culpable and a fucktard-
    portfolios come from the same region of the universe as emails hotdesking sue griffiths and a prolapsed anus

  7. harrie harrison
    March 4, 2015

    18 hrs ·

    No I didn’t watch the cannabis programme because I know what the thrust of this programme was from R4 interview on Today this morning-
    Skunk weed (so called) is THC delta 9 much stronger % than resin cannabis and 80% of cannabis sold is in grass form. Then probably some warning about the dangers of psychosis (probably accurate and apposite as well).
    I am going to suggest the foolishness of this programme will be realised when we have Jenny Bond and Jon Snow necking down a bottle of wine verses a bottle of Spirytus Polish Vodka and watching one of them staggering around feeling sick and dizzy and attempting to speak broken biscuits before punching a cameraman-missing and falling over then crying before being sick all down their front
    Cannabis is no more harmfull than alcohol and probably much less harmful and both can lead to psychosis on occasion and having a shit time on occasion and some forms of cannabis are stronger than other forms in the same way that some forms of alcohol are stronger than other forms (yawn)- but alcohol massively leads to violence and aggression and crime and drains on NHS Police Force resources etc so when Channel 4 start doing programmes with balance covering all drugs then I might watch various random celebrities getting off their faces on cocktails of drugs for about 7 minutes max because it is ultimately deeply boring. There is no such thing as good and bad drugs -just drugs and humans reactions to same….
    Hmmm I do not recall anyone called kinga doing anything off her head on weed but I do recall someone called kinga frigging herself in the big brother back garden with a wine bottle when completely pissed because alcohol told her this would be a mighty fine thing to do in front of live tell-O-vision cameras
    and that my getting pissed friends is exactly the same as Channel 4’s programme that I haven’t seen hahahaha
    (I think I would rather watch a beautiful glasses wearing kool young woman take a hit from a bong and do pole dancing that looks like a human flying and with such grace anyday than kinga doing what she is doing in the photograph! – frankly! ) X

  8. harrie harrison
    March 9, 2015

    Look Out !
    Here it comes- the damp black fog of creeping despair that settles in souls on sunday nights as the sickening feeling returns anew(and so familiar)
    and the hours start to hurry

  9. harrie harrison
    March 13, 2015

    21 hrs ·

    fucking work can fucking fuck off………………………………………………. X

    • jewlip
      March 13, 2015

      L`Chaim to that Harrie. xxx

  10. harrie harrison
    April 4, 2015

    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins
    3 hrs
    Feels like Saturday !!

    (Russell Davies and 4 others like this).

    Kristina Jenkin
    Feels like dreary day to me.x
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    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins
    Very dismal !!!! X


    Just what is it that makes the modern world so deeply fucking exciting??
    -hey-it’s just great living in the 21st Century with our baco foil suits and flying cars and social meida(with and without SOMA) and such stimulating vivacious and so so witty repartee- I am blessed to be amongst these people
    I am just off to numb myself yet again (with a feeling of sadness)(sadness related to the above perfect encapsulation of the ennui of the modern social media world)- we are given the information super highway and this is the level of communication-maybe I am wrong and I did have an ex who used to say to me that she wished she was stupid sometimes because stupid people dont think about bigger worrying things and are happy staring at tell-O-vision or candy crush saga heroes something-
    actually it is most definately me feeling more and more out of touch with everything and more and more defeated by mundanity and crushed by nothingness and fear of death and fear of not leaving even a wrinkle on the layers of time and these people presage this whilst still living and I dont even know if they know or if they are scared too or if they just stare blankly at moving pictures and I hope to christ they sometimes think of screaming or of getting so wasted or pissed or do something to feel something (I have spoken to people who tell me about getting so pissed that they end up dancing to music on a radio channel on the wall mounted digital tell-O-vision in their front room on their living room carpet in their house on their street in their town and it just washes more sadness over me and I dont know why-well I do know why actually-such a waste waste waste but who the fuck am I to pass comment on this aside from the fact I have actually screamed and actually jumped into an abyss and had some dodgy adventures and looked at some real life paintings and been in a disused warehouse with thousands of other people off our heads dancing to music and felt that energy so I have punky illegal counterculture wasted memories to keep me warm at night.
    Another friend spoke to me via inbox of going to a ‘goddess’ party (whatever the fuck that is-I can imagine exactly what this is) and her anxieties that one of the men would get pissed up as he and his wife tend to drink heavily and then he tries to grope various other women who are not his wife and again this filled me with such unbearable sadness that I have not been able to type speak to her since because I just thought is that it? Is that what being alive reduces down to- we all try and get numb fucking quick because numb is so so so nice- we all turn into our parents(been said before and better than I can say) and we all feel the void (some feel the void)(some look at Ant and Dec who caper on the edge of the void for distraction purposes)(some get battered on rum and coke and I sit in meetings at work watching her legs beneath the table jerking away and I watch her throat swallowing over and over and over and her forehead sweating and I wonder if she is pissed this day or just anxious or both) as we become older and feel like and behave like characters in a Pinter Play and some know the void is there and others are too stupid or too distracted listening and looking at adverts or too busy updating social media with the above discourse that they dont feel the dark black void creeping under their lahdro luscious pitch pine perfect front room door (the lucky lucky bastards)
    numbness my heroin and my dearly dearly beloved and Nuit protect me – as above so below

  11. jewlip
    April 17, 2015

    In the void Harrie. Black and ugly. Beautiful prose as always xx

  12. harrie harrison
    April 22, 2015

    Inspirational Socialist Hero Random Quote Generating Machine

    (select your inspirational socialist realism marching band quote and march around your room with a kazoo and a hero of the Motherland chin and attitude)
    (guaranteed to make you feel both invigorated and slightly flushed in the face)

    The Game of Beating to Death Americans Is Very Funny Let us drive out the US imperialist conquers Let’s All Complete Together Public and Private Works! This Year Too Let’s Accelerate the Rhythm of Light Industry Throw Fire on the Head of the US Imperialists! Let’s Prepare Well for Production for Next Year Bumper Crop! Let’s Follow Carefully the Party Policy to Transform Grass into Meat Raise Large Livestock Like Goats! Let’s Make Swimming Popular! As a Mass Movement Strongly Practice Tree Planting to Make the Whole Country an Evergreen Forest! Let’s Prepare Well for Production for Next Year Bumper Crop! Let’s Make the Motherland’s Mountains and Fields Green Forests! Let’s Create a Favorable Atmosphere for Reading in the Whole Society Let’s Make the Wisdom and the Courage of Juche Korea Well Known All Over the World! Let’s Grow More Sunflowers! Let’s Promote Traditional Folk Games! Rapidly Increase Produce by Achieving a Circular System Production! Let June 15 Be the Day of Tradition of Our Nation! Glory to the Heroic Officers and Soldiers of the Korean People’s Army Loyal and Glorious Relationship with Our Party One for All, All for One Be the Creator of Collective Innovation! If the US Attacks Us it Will Be Crushed First Let Us Produce More Hukbosan Fertilizer Let’s Transplant at the Right Time and with the Best Techniques United States Is the Axis of Evil Let’s Follow the Spirit of the Great General. Let’s Enter a New Phase in Coal Production All the Koreans in the North, the South and Abroad! Let’s Rebuild the Whole Economy with Modern Technology Let’s Increase Exports Upholding the Trade-Priority Policy Let’s Honor the Fatherland in the World Cup Let’s Be Ready to Hit Any Enemy at a Moment’s Notice Let’s Preserve the Noble Honor of Our Revolutionary Ancestors Generation After Generation Work and Live with the Mind and Spirit of Chollima Let’s Obtain New Successes in Scientific Research Let’s Play Wildly the Drum of Attack! Plains or Mountains Increase Drastically the Yield per Hectare! Save, Save and Save Even in Small Things! Though the Dog Barks the Procession Goes On Let’s Get Accustomed to Save Electricity Bloom Kim Jong Il Flower, the Flower of Reunification Let’s Save Water in Every Family Launching a Satellite with Our Own Knowledge and Power: the First Boom June 15 Grand Riunification Festival Fall into Step Together to Unification Let’s Sweat More in Training for the World Championship We Never Say Empty Words Look at the Puny US No Sexual Abuses in the 21st Century Let Us Make the Wisdom and the Courage of the Juche Korea Well Known All Over the World Let’s Develop the Children’s Intelligence blah

  13. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    Regarding Prince Andrew(probably going to be visited by MI5 special services for this!)
    (a collection of social media observations from proles culled by me-another prole)

    24 January ·

    Good to know that his rather nebulous ‘work’ is sufficiently remunerative to get a mortgage on a £13 million Swiss ski lodge.
    I once heard a story about Andrew screaming at some of his flunkies because they’d sent the wrong colour Range Rover to collect him and his daughters.
    My husband is a retired Met officer and knows a few people who have worked as protection officers for the Royal Family. All of them hate working for Andy – arrogant tosser is the kindest thing they’ve called him.
    To be fair, their correspondent did say that Andrew is neither witty nor charming.
    And that he constantly tells jokes.
    Which makes him sound like the worst sort of golf club prick.
    “Sailors and squaddies interviewed said that he was genuinely doing the job and was a good bloke”
    Would these be the same sailors and squaddies who, according to Nicholas Davies’ biography of the Windsors, beat the crap out of him one night aboard HMS Invincible as it headed for the South Atlantic, as they were so fed up of him throwing his weight around, behaving as though he was the Captain and treating everyone else like dirt?
    Oh William is very much like the rest of the Firm. I remember the look on his face at his wedding when the flunky didn’t open the door of the Aston Martin quickly enough. It said it all really.
    Dunno about that Marina, but the golf ball manufacturing industry would probably go into severe decline without him.
    Great stuff. And as the for the law as it relates to royals: it doesn’t.
    Banana Monarchy.
    When the popular media and politicians talk about ‘dysfunctional families’ why do they, invariably, label families who live on the UK’s council estates, as being examples of family dysfunctionality.
    I ask you, has there ever been a more dysfunctional family, in history, than the UK’s Royal Family??
    Leave him alone.
    He could cause trouble if he loses our police protection from him
    We are all of us entitled to ask what this work is on which Prince Andrew says he is concentrating.
    Him,concentracting,you’re having a laugh!
    Did he fork out for his trip to davos , or did us lot have to pay for it.
    A deeply unpleasant, arrogant individual who was universally disliked by lower ranks and civilians when he spent time in the armed forces. Spoiled, over privileged and utterly irrelevant, he is a walking justification for completely culling the royals when the queen dies.
    If a prole throws a smoke bomb, that is 2 years in jail. There are others who can do what they like and will never be called to account as the establishment protects the establishment and that is the pointlessness of our democracy these days.Reports do not seem to get published, Investigations into the actions of powerful people do not seem to get started. Tax goes abroad as people freeze in their homes. No wonder people have no faith and the majority of the media whitewash with the rest of them. It is a revolting country that offends so many of us.
    No, I mean, really, can we please sack him?
    Even if all the allegations against him are totally untrue he is still a useless waste of space. Does bugger all and yet can afford a hugely expensive ski chalet in Switzerland.
    There’s plenty to dislike about Prince Andrew and his relentless leeching of the public purse to flit between skiing and golfing holidays under the fig leaf excuse that he’s doing something for UK industry.
    What I can’t understand is why many UK taxpayers are happy to fund the lavish life-style of multimillionaires through their taxes.
    Surely they would rather see their taxes go towards those that need it rather than another Royal jolly in the Bahamas.
    Andrew had to interrupt a skiing holiday in Switzerland when the sex allegations broke.
    Most of the people who bankrolled his holiday couldn’t afford a wet weekend in Swansea.
    No doubt he will make up for it.
    It really is taking the piss to extraordinary levels.
    Hhmmm – I was working at the examination board the year Andrews O level marks came in. I think I probably signed some confidentiality agreement that prevents me from saying anything about them. Nothing he has done since then has surprised me, however ………………
    To be fair, he probably lacked the incentive to work hard so he could get on in life….
    You could have nailed it in one pithy sentence along the lines of “Prince Andrew is as gormless as all the other members of his corrupt and sycophantic clique and frankly the whole world would be better off without the lot of them.”
    Just in case nobody’s noticed that Andy has been accused of unsavoury sexual activity with minors let’s send him off to Davos to make a speech about it in front of the world’s press.
    No but this is a man who has single handedly dragged himself up by his bootlaces from a position of abject poverty! Through his own hard work and entrepreneurial spirit he has become a self made success!
    As part of their austerity programme the government should do a cost-benefit analysis of the royals.
    The Queen is worth over £3bn, all of which has been gradually stolen from the people of this country.
    Air Miles Andy and his repugnant ex-wife. What exactly do they do? Nothing yet he demands body guards for his daughters and she refers to herself as HRH when in fact she was stripped of the title years ago.
    This is a man of whom the popular perception is that he couldn’t actually tie his own shoelaces.
    Next time he is up for election I wont to be voting for him.
    This is one of the most interesting angles on the British royals I’ve seen in years.
    He’s not the former UK Trade Envoy…he’s a very naughty boy!
    “Now come in Andy ‘n clean out your room!”
    Shocking revelations aplenty! I never in my wildest nightmares imagined that Andy had a job…
    I suppose, if you like the idea of royalty, no qualification counts, except where the egg and the sperm came from.
    say again what a prince or a queen is ?

    Viva la revolution, let’s get rid of the oligarchy
    Yes, to the barricade

    (Look upon this as a handy ready reckoner for all Prince Andrew (“My Leige”- bows low and removes cap and robe) and Royal Family discussions and some appropriate responses to those difficult Royal Family questions and some insights into the heroic helicopter pilot(it’s all about knowing when to stay hovering and when and where to land) and man behind the man carrying his golf clubs)

  14. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    17 January ·

    Golf Tees-
    Braided Leather Bracelets (new urban warrior wear for living in Harrow)-
    Messenger Bags-
    Phone Covers-
    Tablet Covers-
    Hip Flasks-
    Funny Socks-
    Funny T Shirts-
    More Bracelets-
    Money Clips-
    Barbeque (Funny) Aprons-
    Leather Belts-
    Tie Pins-
    More Fucking Cufflinks-
    Weekend Holdall-
    Leather Driving Gloves(of course!)-
    Magnetic Collar Stiffeners-
    Suede Driving Shoes-
    Metal Bottle Opener Keyring-
    Leather Card Holder-
    Suede Necklace-
    Onesie Lounge Wear-
    ‘If Found Return To Wife’ Old Type Cufflinks- (No I havent made this one up!)-
    Men’s Special Features Penguin Festive Jumper-
    Flat Cap(of course!)-
    Born To Golf Cufflinks-
    etc etc etc till death

    And that is as far as I can go with this list defining exactly what it means to be a modern 21st century man without wanting to use heroin again…… I am pleased I have been able to touch some of the catharsis I have needed for quite a few years now when I have had the misfortune to have to read these ‘what to buy for the senior site surveyor fucktard in your life’ lists with increasing irritation.
    (and I suspect this is how lots of sisters have felt for years being defined by male constructs or advertising executives or retail fucktards)
    None of the Nigel Weemes items detailed above would bring me the slightest little peice of the desultory happiness we all seek on a daily basis and in truth the list makes me irritated and very sad actually-
    Men are defined by their lack of interests aside from all the above.
    There are no blow up globes and no glass anal dildos(with jelly) and no personalised handy wipe clean glue sniffing bags and definately no silver engraved prescribed from the doctor anti depressant tablet cases in order to numb the edges of reality and salve the ennui for another day

    (The above list will however have Jeremy bellend Clarkson erect in a priapic way and shafting a savanna baboon up the anus till he ejectulates in a frenzied explosion of 21st Century maleness and as Peter Aliss drones on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and …………………………………………………………..)

  15. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    pretend to be yourself

  16. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    1 December 2014 ·

    I work in a place where people bring their own tea spoons into and back to their collective homes- I came across people wandering around corriders and into the kitchen with tea spoons in their hands a day or so ago.
    So thats all very good then ……….
    I will just carry on using a fork for my tea bag agitation etc
    (and throw the tea bag in someones face eventually I reckon)
    (It’s like pre skool……………..)

  17. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    1 December 2014 ·

    William Blake

    Holy Thursday (1794)

    Is this a holy thing to see
    In a rich and fruitful land,
    Babes reduced to misery,
    Fed with cold and usurous hand?

    Is that trembling cry a song?
    Can it be a song of joy?
    And so many children poor?
    It is a land of poverty!

    And their sun does never shine,
    And their fields are bleak and bare,
    And their ways are filled with thorns:
    It is eternal winter there.

    For where’er the sun does shine,
    And where’er the rain does fall,
    Babes should never hunger there,
    Nor poverty the mind appall.

    (I really really want to go home) X

  18. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    2 September 2014 ·

    Day one at retards special academy big skool for Katie….. She saw a girl with white bleached hair that looked ‘really kool’. She observed lots of ‘older girls’ wearing eye liner and mascara and was suitably impressed.She noticed a young man sauntering down to the local shops to buy something from the chippie-not allowed -was impressed again. She went off with new girls- not from her old primary skool friends(who are huddling together collectively for safety) cause ‘why would I want to do that-I want to meet lots of new girls’. She went on the bus on her own(clutching £1.40 pee in a doubtless terrified sweaty little hand)and got off at Withens Lane rather than Ulan Bator and finally- She and some other new girls chanced upon the skool smokers(behind the skool sports hall haha) and got told ‘Don’t fucking say anything’……………………. so all in all I am probably doomed and an extremely ace first day for my ‘big girl’

    (I really larffed at the smokers story-I love liminal spaces amongst the rules-always)

  19. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    21 December 2014 ·

    This is winter solstice………..dark and sexy and dangerous

    (All the fucktards wanting lighter evenings to arrive as you wish your interesting lives away -some people really really love the night time prowlings and leave certain pagan occult esoterick concepts to people who appreciate this stuff –
    These on deeper levels than you may imagine – along with sticky floors and chaos and edgey vibrations-and probably drugs and loud scarey music with flashing lights- You lighter nights nesquick drinkers make me feel claustrophobia at levels I never thought possible)

  20. harrie harrison
    April 23, 2015

    24 November 2013 ·

    Tesco`s charging 24 p for 2litre of bottled water with the following comment on the label “Filtered for improved taste bottled for convenience” Then read the small print “Tesco Everyday Value Water is DRAWN FROM THE MAINS SUPPLY and undergoes filtration process to remove impurities which improves the taste” Its bloody TAP WATER !

    Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice Pay twice

  21. harrie harrison
    April 26, 2015

    Alison Coleman
    I used to have my hair put in rags at night when i was Daisys age, and had lovely ringlets the next day
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    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins
    I remember those spongey bendy things in my haircut
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    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins
    1 hr · Like

    Kristina Jenkin
    52 mins · Like · 1
    (the like is N E Jenkins)

    Picaninnylily !
    or Pickaninny (also picaninny or piccaninny or picinniny) is a term in English which refers to children of black descent or a racial caricature thereof.
    jesus H christ

  22. harrie harrison
    April 29, 2015

    1 hr ·

    ‘♔ Boy or girl? ♔ We’re getting Royal ready with 30% off 100s of styles!’

    This on an email from Dorothy Perkins and obviously this is fantastic news-

    I heard some royal loonies on my in vehicle radio apparatus on the way home and they are currently stood outside the hospital waiting for the birth and have been there since monday. One of them was 82 years old (seriously) and he had purchased a money box and put a fiver in for the first child one-thingy?-
    ‘so he can start learning how to save’ quoth this fine fellow and he was wearing a full union flag outfit according to the reporter.
    There were other loonies with him and they all meet up at various royal events like births and deaths and they all first met at Kensington Palace on some bizarre princess diana vigil on that night the country all shut down with grief (I mowed my lawn the day after) and so they have kept in touch and all meet up for royal things and have a ‘little party’ outside.
    One of the women (older than the aforementioned man) stated ‘yes we all know the royal family’ and why oh why oh why did this whole vignette leave me feeling unbearably sad and having to turn the radio channel off and rub my face (with one hand)
    Silly sad making nice people stood outside a sodding hospital for fucking days at their age waiting for the spare to the throne (Hah!) to be born and to wave a plastic coated flag and have a few words doubtless …. I just hope the royal family are providing these people with food and shelter and some comforts during their collective little party as it makes me feel a bit rubbish and very sad does this level of blind devotion to ‘Royal’ people….
    I bet the queen hasn’t sent any of her bombay mix for them to snack on-mean mean mean old sod…
    Oh and whatsherface may be in labour for another week or so-this may kill off elderly people celebrating on pavements as effectively as tory policies on the welfare state
    (there is a message here but someone else will have to work it out because I am going outside to rub my face again with both hands)

  23. harrie harrison
    May 3, 2015

    (back rooms are the best rooms in houses -therefore kitchens count as well-people get ‘up’ to stuff in kitchrooms and that is always exciting when you wander in from another room and see what is going on.Often the noise of music from behind you makes it more exciting as well and the whole collective experience leads to sparkling eyes and flushed faces and laughter and lots and lots of chatting over each other and the musick gets better and the bass vibrates stronger and the night sky fills with more stars against a blue black dome of Nuit and time stops and yet is more alive than ever and everything is going to be very smooth and very beautiful at this moment for ever)-wow&phew!!!


  24. harrie harrison
    May 4, 2015

    6 hrs ·

    The Cheeky Girls will save us all

  25. harrie harrison
    May 4, 2015

    27 mins ·

    They have returned to kensington palace (which had a £4.5 million overhaul 2 years ago to be sufficient for these people to live adequately) in their London residence and to start family life in their first “proper” home(quote marks from the daily sychophantic express).
    This is the four-storey 20-room apartment 1A. It has five reception rooms, three main bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms, a night and day nursery, staff bedrooms and “ancillary rooms”.
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to take up residence in Anmer Hall, a ten-bedroom country house on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. This reportedly huge house has private swiiming pools and tennis courts and a unicorn paddock and guess what.????
    The vast house, described by the Daily Mail as a “secluded fortress”, underwent a £1.5 million refurbishment in preparation for the arrival of William, Kate and their son and thingy. Largely paid for by the royal family from private funds(Hahahahahaha), the refurbishment brought the décor into line with the royal couple’s taste, and involved an extensive tree-planting programme to afford the Duke and Duchess greater privacy, according to Hello magazine.
    So thats not too shabby then- £6 million in a couple of years on renovations on 2 properties and their Norfolk ‘proper’ first home obviously and they have worked bloody hard for it so very very well done.
    Their neighbours if anyone is interested are William Van Cutsem and his wife Rosie- William’s cousin Laura Fellowes lives relatively nearby and fantastically his school friend Archie Soames is in West Barsham Hall in Fakenham
    Worked damm hard for this …………………………..


  26. harrie harrison
    May 4, 2015

    Antibodies- Antoine D’Agata
    The liminal spaces at the very very very edges

    The never known by most world-
    the thin veneer of lhadro and carvery pubs with ball pits
    the desperate days
    the numbed days
    the grind days
    the your choice is probably right days

  27. harrie harrison
    May 10, 2015

    7 May at 19:21 ·

    Cannnot make that ‘voting secret lets get ready for when they close all polling stations in subsequent elections to save money and we want lots of information on people ready this is a dummy run application for mobile telephones and the information is up on amerikan farcebook for everyone to see’ thing to work.

    I have actually voted and daisy came with me and she remained outside as doggies aside from guide doggies are NOT ALLOWED in the polling station (but tory women with blue bows in their stupid selfish hair are allowed in and I got daisy to walk into the woman who came round my house wanting me to put tory posters up in my window a few days ago so that was ace twice) and it all felt very quintessentialy british strolling down to the voting …. and now I get to carry on doing a crown court report so am deeply happy currently…. good vote tonight xxxxxxxxxxx

  28. harrie harrison
    May 10, 2015

    4 May at 19:02 ·

    They have returned to kensington palace (which had a £4.5 million overhaul 2 years ago to be sufficient for these people to live adequately) in their London residence and to start family life in their first “proper” home(quote marks from the daily sychophantic express).
    This is the four-storey 20-room apartment 1A. It has five reception rooms, three main bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms, a night and day nursery, staff bedrooms and “ancillary rooms”.
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to take up residence in Anmer Hall, a ten-bedroom country house on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. This reportedly huge house has private swiiming pools and tennis courts and a unicorn paddock and guess what.????
    The vast house, described by the Daily Mail as a “secluded fortress”, underwent a £1.5 million refurbishment in preparation for the arrival of William, Kate and their son and thingy. Largely paid for by the royal family from private funds(Hahahahahaha), the refurbishment brought the décor into line with the royal couple’s taste, and involved an extensive tree-planting programme to afford the Duke and Duchess greater privacy, according to Hello magazine.
    So thats not too shabby then- £6 million in a couple of years on renovations on 2 properties and their Norfolk ‘proper’ first home obviously and they have worked bloody hard for it so very very well done.
    Their neighbours if anyone is interested are William Van Cutsem and his wife Rosie- William’s cousin Laura Fellowes lives relatively nearby and fantastically his school friend Archie Soames is in West Barsham Hall in Fakenham
    Worked damm hard for this …………………………..


  29. harrie harrison
    May 18, 2015

    1984 – The very best book cover version.

    The ‘me so sexy me love you long time’ cover.

    And honestly the more I look and the more I own one of these books/covers the more I appreciate the design….
    It is strange that nowhere in 1984 do Winston and Julia build a brick wall together but there you go…………. Xxx

  30. harrie harrison
    May 24, 2015

    1 hr ·

    Bank bastards fixing LIBOR rates for years so we pay more money – I hope the claims for some redistribution of fucking greed based wealth crime gathers more and more momentum and eventually happens.
    The Hatton Gardens bank vault crime is nothing -absolutley nothing compared to the money we have all been fleeced out of by bankers and no one has been sent to prison for this and the bankers are hoping this one just goes quieter and quieter.
    This will be largely ignored I know but you and your familly and friends and pussycats and dead nanas and everything have been really badly robbed of money by banks ‘fixing’ their lending to each other rates and making profit on the rates…. that profit is into the BILLIONS …..
    And I have clients with serious mental illness contacting me (worried to such a level that it is effecting their mental health in a negative way) asking will they be having their £65.00 earth pounds per week stopped or reduced due to ‘cutbacks’ and it is all the direct result of these fucking pricks in the City and their disgusting selfish greed
    So- remember the word LIBOR and listen out for developments because BILLIONS of pounds worth of money has been stolen from everyone living in this country and they are going to get away with it-again
    (remember PPI???-same scenario only much much higher stakes and stolen goods)
    (and on this basis free the Hatton Garden 7-8 whatver it is up to now and get the fucking flying squad to visit the city of london where all the real crooks live )

  31. harrie harrison
    May 24, 2015

    my new super hero status- Negative Man !

    nope cant be done
    you need tape for that
    I havent got tools
    can I do it later
    It will break again
    oh fuck no
    start again

  32. harrie harrison
    May 25, 2015

    14 hrs ·

    Austin Osman Spare and ‘sidereal’ portraits……….the painting before the photograph obviously and thought to represent the view of movie stars from cinema seats but……………. saying more profound things about the creation of new gods and goddesses and strange perspectives indicate other worldliness and different views and landscapes……….the viewer creates the viewed object-

  33. harrie harrison
    June 16, 2015

    Stop saying Totes Amazeballs-stop saying ‘absolutely’ in the afirmative instead of good old yes -stop saying ‘look’ in interviews to give you time to think(and thus make yourself sound australian)-stop making comments about drinking alcohol and how great it is all the fucking time on the radio social media tell-O-vision everywhere-stop assuming we all love hot weather on the weather forecast-stop saying ‘great question’ to any question asked at some point in the interview because you think it will get the interviewer on your side-stop going to ‘costa’-stop men wearing flip flops-stop being fat faced sweaty and wobbly-stop laughing at your own jokes-stop interviewing fucking retarded futbalers who cannot speak and whos words mean nothing of importance ever-stop thinking you are having an out of the box time at some corporate festival (with phone charging points)-stop being scared – stop getting tattoos thinking you are different to the rest of humanity and ‘unique’-stop sending emails-stop asking radio phone in hosts how they are as they wouldnt be there if they were ill-stop making news readers stand up -stop posting inspirational mottos that you dont follow and doesnt make you the ‘wise one’ and ‘spiritual’ because really you are very boring-stop drinking too much alcohol that I know already will make you have alcoholism problems in the future-and your daughters-stop going on about immigrants just when I think oh youre an ok person and then I feel sick in my mouth and know you will not be interested in hearing facts-stop liking observational comedy-stop everyone riding round on their bycycles wearing lycra and running along down the pavement and back again holding water bottles -stop doing things you do anyway for a hobby and expecting to be sponsered for it-stop not ever reading a book in your life-stop having fucking tell-O-visions in your kitchens-stop getting emotional at wank like futballers dying and having respectful silences at the futbal grounds-stop waving flags at members of royalty you fucking cretins-stop liking stiff little fingers-stop posting photographs of everything your children do because actually your daughter is a right little fatty in one case and another persons daughter has a wierd overbite with boy eyebrows -stop thinking youre funny because youre not in any way as youre jokes are belaboured and always a ‘clever play on words’ that isn’t-stop saying fucking ‘well jel’ and other txt spk you spastic- stop being a lazy bastard and awkward if asked to help me with a case in the office which makes me secretly hate you-stop putting on a big spray of cheap perfume at 5 past 2 every afternoon that gives me a banging headache- stop posting photographs of things in pain -stop asking me to share some thing for an hour about some obscure disease that I have never heard of and care even less about-stop tagging me in your rubbish-stop listening to rubbish radio stations in the office-stop being dense and not knowing about what is going on in this country to the welfare system-stop wearing futbal shirts of ‘your team’ to sit on a couch to watch futbal at home on the tell-O-vision-stop making my chest hurt with stress and unhappiness-stop being very very deeply boring-stop making tea all milky and vomity-stop buying yourself clothes and saying ‘I thought I would treat myself’ you boastful boring bastard -stop thinking fancy dress is the funniest thing ever-stop that horrible sunday night feeling-stop smoking-stop going on about working late when you finish work at 18.40 on one friday in a year and try being out till 1.00am in the morning-stop all amerikans- stop all austerity lies leading to decimation of the most vulnerable in society-stop sitting in my desk care support worker -stop waking up thinking about cases and care notes and feeling instantly sick-stop the ride I want to get off and will not scream because I do not want to go faster-stop me having to ever go on airplanes again all high up in the sky unaturally-stop aching knees-stop smutty innuendos because they are never funny and I have to do fake laugh laugh that sounds fake-stop ‘funny’ emails because I have never laughed ever at these-stop being anal about time keeping -stop not giving me good drugs at the doctors-stop hedges growing as I have responsibilities to cut them-stop death being scary-stop putting red and green and yellow peppers in every single chinese meal ever-stop print on demand books from going all wavy edged-stop making me feel guilty for the way I treated you years and years ago because you deserved better-stop having various milks in the fridge at work having labels with names on like some fucking student flat-stop the queen marking bombay mix in the palace to stop policemen on night duty helping themselves to a snack-stop stairs-stop help for heroes because it is the new orthodoxy and I do not believe in war essentialy-stop I tunes breaking-stop trying to kill yourself because the idea of you succeeding scares me in regards notes and less so humanity more and more-stop wanking on and on about robin williams et al as if you knew them-stop wearing american tan tights and eating your lunch like a little bird-stop talking on your mobile in a cafe in public because your life is more important than anyone elses-stop malted brown bread on all ranges of sandwiches-stop not wearing clothes that I save for ‘later occasions’ because of memories of not having any change of clothes to wear-stop talking absolute shit in the office and always suggesting a ‘meeting’ to sort anything out-stop being pissed in work-stop my beautiful daughter being bullied for ever-stop plodding on -stop being mean and cruel to puppies and doggies-stop not thinking about the abuses the christian church has perpetrated on people through the centuries-stop chester races because it is not classy and elegant as you think but a drink fest frenzy-stop memories sometimes-stop posting keep fit times because most of us do not give a shit-stop fucking going on and on about mindfulness-stop going on about ‘dementia friends’ as it will be another way to implement cutbacks essentially-stop wearing those sunglasses because you look like a knob-stop inviting me on christmas parties because I dont drink and have taken more illegal drugs than you will ever have done and fucking realise I do not fit very well into conventional world and its social mores-stop prom spending competitive gender sterotyping nonsense spend more parents spend more-stop under and over active thyroids-stop daleks and cybermen(and cyberwomen)-stop traffic in heels-stop dementi….erm -stop time and drift more-stop and go again-stop bloody sodding minions as they are not funny-stop robins-stop …………… to be very regularly added to

  34. harrie harrison
    October 2, 2015

    pissing on white porcelin in the toilets at the bottom of the stairs in the magistrates court (with the out of order lift) looking at the once moderne chrome pipe fitting that runs the span of the 5 urinals. Then I noticed the rust around the chrome joints and the chips on the white tiles and the pubic hair in the bowl and the decay all round the closer you looked. The veneer is splitting and the weeds fill the cracks of the bricks outside the court so it looks derelict and dystopian and this spreads as white fluff covers my trouser leg by my knee that has rust behind the skin as it grates and scratches. Now I walk slower up stairs to the office and pause on landings mainly because I detest the office and the serried ranks of plastic hammers and the haunted stressed staring faces of the workers in the office bnker rooms were I d(r)ead frantically typing and unblinking nonspeaking quiet call centre maddness and I thought I hate this so much and the office blinds were drawn and the sun was furnace hot beyond blind eyes and people and porcelin and buildings and life looks tired and will look recession like in 20 years forward images and I thought fuck me this is the future ………………………… I am very very tired and dont like this place very much anymore-drabnessRus and is my soul small in this ?
    (this is rough and not finished-work in progress etc)

  35. harrie harrison
    August 14, 2016

    From a Beautiful Friend posted on my Farcebook wall………………..
    Jodi Beaux‎
    Harrie Harrison
    12 August at 17:25 · Lancaster ·

    Solo on the Friday club here…. Where are you when I need your rabbiting on, whilst I’m trying desperately to get a case note finished, but I keep losing it every time it bloody locks out, because I’ve stopped what I’m doing to discuss how funny it’ll be when we get married in 3
    lifetimes time, whilst simultaneously moaning about the establishment, and talking about nanna’s, and dreaming of a world where our patients get proper care and reminiscing about lost love (and lost weekends) and beautiful women, and art, and polarity, and how great bookshops are in Berlin, and whether we should move to Brighton….and when you get tired of me saying “yeah, yeah” having drifted back to my computer just to hear you say ‘fine then, fuck off and do some work’….

  36. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Natures cocaine and very ace and Mmmmmm

  37. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Photons have no mass………….
    So ride those waveforms ……..
    Consider the cube of space and centres of everything
    Be Kind

  38. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    For about a year or so I have been irritated deeply with my porta phone. I have had to move out of sunlight into shaded nooks and crannies in order to see anything on the screen and had begun to feel irked by the general rubbishness of my device.
    Tonight Katie Kat suggested I turn up the brightness from the nearly midnight setting I have had it on…………… !

  39. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    A Post office tower paper bag !
    Just won on the ebay ………..
    Wonderful living in the modern world modernist design and typeface on a brown paper bag !
    So the contradiction is subtle and sublime

  40. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    The queen is to receive £6m pay increase from public funds so an 8% increase funded by you and you and you and you over there and you and you……………
    And a bloody billion for buying power from the DUP so thats also funded by you and you and you …………………
    In the words of Johnny Rotten- ‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated’ ?
    (Your taxes paid for this hat etc)
    (It represents greed gluttony avarice poor taste presumptions ed sheeran public sector pay freezes being a fucktard prince andrew fallopian tubes cheap cladding and £2 cheaper per human death in Grenfell tower)

  41. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Her soul was the sexiest thing I had ever seen…………………….

  42. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    All praise the mighty Chic on the funk train to disco paradise Xxxxx

  43. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Swiper no swiping !

  44. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Reference Brave New World
    One day I will track down the first cover edition… well I have done already to be fair but am playing the long game with a bookseller that doesnt even know I exist yet. I just stare at the screen …
    We all just stare at screens

  45. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Reference the Grenfel Tower Fire
    Hot summer nights and neo liberal policies in austerity britain with a social care machine with no money that subsequently operates tortuous and labyrinthine administration processes means it cannot possibly react quickly enough to immediate distress.
    Hot summer nights and million pound empty properties taunting people with no homes numb with shock and grief in the richest borough in the country.
    Hot summer nights and disenfranchised groups in british society that the self same society has in racist parts spent a year verbally kicking and refusing to listen to whilst dreaming of days of empire.
    Hot summer nights when I am ashamed and horrified at government lack of any kind of practical assistance or action possibly due to the ripples set in motion with this national tragedy that government know is going to reveal the cut backs deaths in cut price social housing and that is the thing they have been busying themselves with for days
    Hot summer nights and people need moving into hotels as right now some personal space and some tell-O-vision would probably be some distraction from the thoughts people are tired of having
    Hot summer nights and people who have lost everything mean people have nothing to lose anymore…………………
    Hot summer nights are always the nights that angry desperate people become angry enough to not give a fuck about a system that didnt give a fuck about them in the first place.
    The cladding that prettied up the building so other people had a better view from their own properties became chimneys for flames and there are horrible metaphors lying just everywhere in the ash and debris regarding this complete and utter horrorshow of cutback britain .
    Some have suggested the Grenfell Tower should be made safe and the skeleton left as shameful symbol of a state that didn’t care
    Hot summer nights and it is going to get hotter I promise…..

  46. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    I’ve found it !!!!!!
    This book has driven me to 4 hours and 46 minutes of despair and desolation and irritating red nut fellows nagging in my head like Agadoo by black lace (famous indie band).
    Phew – it was in a cupboard alongside a small kitten some ice picks and a clear plastic bag of medium sized Nigels…….

  47. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    When you are gone I stand apart.
    And whisper to your image in my heart

  48. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    Prince Andrew wants Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to be given taxpayer-funded royal roles and new accommodation at Kensington Palace.
    He has written to the queen and the letter demanded that his daughters, who are seventh and eighth in line to the throne, be given better accommodation at Kensington Palace instead of having to put up with “small” apartments at St James’s Palace.
    Blah blah blah…………………………………………………….

  49. harrie harrison
    July 14, 2017

    John Noakes…..a man trapped (unhappily) in the bittersweet amber resin of all our childhood memories.
    (Good lad by all accounts)

  50. harrie harrison
    February 19, 2018

    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins
    15 hrs · Crewe ·

    ………………What the heck was that ??!!! Sounded like an shot gun or explosion . Even saw a spark !!!!!

    Tracy Howe……. Our electric flickered!

    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins ……….Wonder if the pylon blew near us ???

    Donna Bainbridge ………And ours x

    Tracy Howe ………Wonder what it was ??

    Suzanne Rogerson …….We got no electric here in Coppenhall!

    Norma Peel …..My electricity all but went off, so something has gone ‘bang’, somewhere. Sounds as if it may be at your end of town, Naomi

    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins …….How strange as my electrify is on !! Anyway I have reported it to the national grid x

    Sarah-jane Ann Champion-Farrington…….. Ours has been off Hun x

    Charlotte Spencer ……..Our electric went off here in sandbach x

    Dot Morgan-Smith ……..Ours flickered in Wybunbury! X

    MarknLiz Randle ……….Nothing here, I’m just off Jubilee Avenue/Gainsborough Rd xx

    Michelle Palombella ……..Flickered electrics here near Queens Park x

    Deb Godfrey………. Ours went off. Set off all the alarms but came back on again in about 30 seconds.

    Amanda Hulme ……… Ours flickered in Alsager x

    Deb Greensmith……… Mine flickered in Broad st x

    Rachel Lysaght ……….My lights flickered

    Naomi Elizabeth Jenkins …….. Was a bit scary !! X

    Angela Sacco………………. And mine

    Carly Cosby ……………. Ours went off totally for about a minute

    Bethan Goold ………… Yep ours went off x

    Simon Underhill ……… Power cut here also

    Kristina Jenkin ………. Not here.x

    Julie Anne Streete …… Our electricity went of 😱

    Becky Anderson ……….. My lights flickered in Nantwich, thought my bulb was going
    Yes this is the level of thrusting analysis debate and witty repartee that takes place on farcebook
    It is the social media equivalent of old ladies gossiping over back garden gates and it fills me with utter despair

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